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Bill McFarlin is the one who signed the tax returns.  I agree the Board 
has some responsibility there.  The Executive Director should not have 
100% authority and he should be functioning at the pleasure and taking 
direction from the Board. It would be interesting to see the job 
description of the Executive Director.   ALOHA

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> Tom,
> 6 figure deficits extend back to at least 2003 if not earlier.  Chuck 
> Owen's letter stated that the Board was "Blindsided".  Sorry, but the 
> Board was BLIND!  They had to sign off on the tax forms and budgets.  
> It seems as though they didn't care.
> -Dr.
> TomtheJazzman wrote:
>> In reviewing the Tax return for IAJE in 2006 I found some interesting 
>> information.  They did take a big loss on financial investments, but 
>> it was just over $20,000 and for a group with assets of 2 to 3 
>> million that is not a big hit.  They showed gross receipts of $2,575,941
>> Payouts Included:
>> Bill McFarlin     $109,764
>> Steve Baker       $  84,014
>> Gregory Carroll  $  84,014
>> Susan Jenkins     $ 89,700
>> Total                 $367.492
>> /
>> When I look at these salaries or contract fees I can't help but think 
>> of the many Jazz Educators from the Public Schools to the University 
>> level who would appreciate making $80,000 plus and then expenses.  
>> And then there are the musicians./
>> Of course this does not include office staff and  their salaries or 
>> expense accounts for the dollars spent by the Board which was sizable.
>> Every day I am reading and seeing where large companies are losing 
>> millions in their quarterly report and they continue on so I find it 
>> puzzling that a NON-PROFIT and not report a loss and keep on working 
>> toward their mission.
>> There has to be something here that we are overlooking or are not 
>> being told, especially Chapter 7 versus Chapter 11 or 13.
>> Tom
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