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Mon Apr 21 09:05:35 EDT 2008

Marcello Tolliver
Box 63
2930 Champlain st. n.w.
Washington,D.C. 20009
bigdaddymarsay at tmail.com
Show Date 4/9/08
1:00-1:30 am
1. Artist: Charles Lloyd
    Cd: Rabo De Nube
    Composition: Ramanujan
2. Artist: Brad Mehldau
    Cd: "Live At The Village Vanguard"
    Composition: Wonder Wall
3. Artist: Ron Blake
    Cd: Shayari
    Composition: Abhaari
1:30-2:00 am
4. Artist: Francisco Mela
    Cd: Melao
    Composition:John Ramsey
5. Artist: Lionel Loueke
    Cd: Karibu
    Composition: Zala
6. Artist: Massimo Biolcati
    Cd: Persona
    Composition: Deconstrction
7. Artist: Gilad Atzmon
    Cd: Exile
    Composition: Al-Quds
2:00-2:30 am
The Music and Interview W/ Rene Marie
8. Cd: Three Nooses Hanging
    Composition: Title Tune
9. Cd: How Can I Keep From Singing
    Composition: Four Woman
10. Cd: How Can I Keep From Singing
     Composition: Afro Blue
2:30-3:00 am
11. Artist: Erik Friedlander
     Cd: Skin
     Composition: Sahel Va Danya
12. Artist: Fahir Atakoglu
     Cd: Istanbul In Blue
     Composition: Black Sea
13. Artist: Pat Metheny/Brad Mehldau
     Cd: Self Titled
     Composition: Ring Of Life
14. Artist: Christian Scott
     Cd: Rewind That
     Composition: Say It
3:00-3:30 am
The Music Of Gonzalo Rubalcaba
15. Cd: Solo
     Composition: Lullaby For A Black Child
16. Cd: Images
      Composition: Imagine
17. Cd: Super Nova
      Composition: The Hard One
18. Cd: Avatar
      Composition: Looking In Retrospective
3:30-4:00 am
19. Artist: Miguel Zenon
      Cd: Awake
      Composition: Santo
20. Artist: Bobby Watson
      Cd: From The Heart
      Composition: Deep Pockets
21. Artist: Donald Harrison
      Cd: Free Style
      Composition: Rock Song
4:00-5:00 am
The Music Of Terence Blanchard
22. Cd: Let's Get Lost
      Composition: On The Sunny Side Of The  Street
23. Cd: Flow
      Composition: Over There
24. Cd: Romantic Defiance
      Composition: Divine Order
25. Cd: A Tale Of God's Will
      Composition: Levees
26. Cd: Bounce
      Composition: Transform
27. Cd: Flow
      Composition: Wadagbe
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