[JPL] Re: jazzproglist Digest, Vol 10, Issue 115

Thu Apr 24 07:42:58 EDT 2008

Marcello Tolliver
Box 63
Washington,dc 20009
Email: _bigdaddymarsay at tmail.com_ (mailto:bigdaddymarsay at tmail.com) 
Phone # (202) 386-8736
Show Date: 4/23/08
1:00-1:30 am
1. Artist: Roy Haynes
    Cd: Whereas
    Composition: My Heart Belongs To Daddy
2. Artist: Jack DeJohnette
    Cd: New Directions
    Composition: Bayou Fever
3. Artist: Jon Faddis & Billy Harper
    Cd: Jon & Billy
    Composition: Two D's From Shinjyuku, Dig &  Dug
4. Artist: Susie Ibarra
    Cd: Folkloriko
    Composition: Ang Sayaw
5. Artist: Avishai Cohen
    Cd: After The Big Rain
    Composition: Parto Forte
6. Artist: Danny Zamir
    Cd: Exodus
    Composition: Hasar Hamemuneh
The Music Of The Group "The Necks"
7. Cd: Photosynthetic
    Composition: Title Tune
8. Cd: Drive By
    Composition: Title Tune
9. Cd: Sex
    Composition: Title Tune
10. Cd: Silent Night
      Composition: White
11. Cd: Piano,Bass,Drums
      Composition: Unheard
2:30-3:00 am
12. Artist: Bobo Stenson
      Cd: Ecm Selected Recordings
      Composition: Oleo De Mujer Con  Sombrero
13. Artist: 4 Sight
      Cd: Self Titled
      Composition: Mastery Thru Love
14. Artist: Arild Anderson
      Cd: Ecm Selected Recordings
      Composition: Gardsjenta
15. Artist: Woody Shaw
      Cd: W/ Tone Jansa Quartet
      Composition: Midi
3:00-3:30 am
The Music Of Bob Berg
16. Cd: Another Standard
      Composition: My Man's Gone Now
17. Cd: Cycles
      Composition: So Far So
18. Cd: Virtual Reality
      Composition: Loose Bloose
19. Cd: Back Roads
      Composition: Silverado 808
3:30-4:00 am
20. Artist: Marc Edwards
      Cd: Black Queens
      Composition: Title Tune
21. Artist: Joe McPhee
      Cd: Topology
      Composition: Pithecanthropus Erectus
22. Artist: Odean Pope
      Cd: Ebioto
      Composition: Cis
23. Artist: Devin Phillips
      Cd: Wade In The Water
      Composition: Cape Verde
4:00-4:30 am
The Music Of Stefon Harris
24. Cd: The Grand Unification Theory
      Composition: Song Of The Whispering  Banshee
25. Cd: African Tarantella
      Composition: Thanks for The Beautiful Land  On The Delta
26. Cd: Evolution
      Composition: Nothing Personal
27. Cd: The Grand Unification Theory 
      Composition: Escape To Quiet  Desperation
4:30-5:00 am
28. Artist: Kuku
      Cd: The Absence Of Cool
      Composition: The Cure
29. Artist: Gregory Hickman-Williams
      Cd: Passages
      Composition: Sometimes I Feel Like A  Motherless Child
30. Artist: Dee Dee Bridgewater
      Cd: Red Earth  
      Composition: Children Go Round
31. Artist: Kirpal Gordan
      Cd: Speak-Spake-Spoke
      Composition: Out There Without A  Prayer
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