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Hudson, B.H. bhhudson at NCCU.EDU
Fri Apr 25 08:10:56 EDT 2008

we use inexpensive Sony CD players that are stacked. if they break down, for whatever reason, we get a quick replacement. forget tascam, etc. they are all not nearly as good as the old days and haven't proven to take the abuse any better than less expensive CD players.
love having things on hard drive. get a clean rip before the CD goes out in circulation to announcers. playback problems for audio files now rare here.
BH Hudson

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We are having terrible skipping problems with our CD players, Tascam CD01U
professional models, in master control.  Our new friendly engineer says all
CD players skip and that he spoke with other stations and Jazzworks at the
NAB and people are using these and they are skipping.  Remember when Tascam
meant something good?

But I say this is VERY bad and I'm wondering if anyone has something that is
working.  We will eventually be on hard drive but that is not happening this
month so I'm looking for a solution.

Also does anyone know if stacking them 3 in a row is a problem.  We turn
them off at night and are really only running them for 5 hours straight, not
24.  We have some old Re-Vox, in production that work pretty well, but they
are almost 20 years old and have some mechanical problems.  Of course they
don't make those anymore.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you.


Blaise Lantana

Music Director

KJZZ Phoenix

91.5 Fm



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