[JPL] OFFICIAL STATEMENT: IAJE situation & Jazz Improv LIVE! Convention & Festival

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Fri Apr 25 14:10:43 EDT 2008

To our friends, industry asociates and colleagues, jazz fans, artists,
educators, students
We have been deluged at Jazz Improv with inquiries about our plans for the
forthcoming Second Annual Jazz Improv LIVE! Convention & Festival in New
York considering the current situation of the IAJE. Below is Jazz Improv's
official statement. For more information about Jazz Improv LIVE!, our plans
and initiatives, and to join the conversation, please visit the new BLOG we
have created.
BLOG URL: http://jazzimprovlive.wordpress.com/
While the news of the cancellation of the 2009 IAJE Conference and its
enormous problems is being perceived by many industry folks as advantageous
to Jazz Improv LIVE! Convention & Festival, we and our various partners feel
that this is an enormous loss to a most important element of the Jazz
Community - the educational community.
It has always been our hope and intention to be able to work hand-in-hand
with the IAJE and it¹s constituency in Jazz Improv¹s future events. Although
there may now be a void created by the IAJE¹s problems, it is not our
intention to step in and attempt to take over this important area of the
Jazz community. But we sincerely hope that those who are attempting to
address this situation and build toward the future will be willing to work
with us once they have established a new imperative in this area. Until
then, we are more than willing to hold their place within our own imperative
and will welcome their participation whenever the time is right.
In the meantime, we are deep into the process of assembling the elements to
stage the Second Annual Jazz Improv LIVE! Convention & Festival in New York.
We¹re working with an enthusiastic and driven team and we have some big
plans. In the coming weeks, we¹ll be making announcements to share the
exciting news.
Eric Nemeyer, Publisher, Jazz Improv Magazine, eric at jazzimprov.com
Jamie Cosnowsky, Marketing and Advertising Director, jamie at jazzimprov.com

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