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 thanks mitchell for posting this...im going to go out on a limb here and suggest im not the only person interviewed (besides many who read this article) who is shocked how much the writer missed of the story.? mr. ratliff seems to have dismissed much of what he was told, and appears to accept statements from mr. mcfarlin, mr.bergman et al at face value.

one wonders if the casual reader would have any inkling that the membership is up in arms and that there are serious allegations
of misdeeds, a cover up and more.? there is no hint or suggestion of wrongdoing, mismanagement and so forth.? mr. ratliff doesnt challenge statements offered from iaje and mcfarland, and in doing so is dismissive of much of what he surely heard from others who he interviewed.

further, this piece reads much like an obit.? in fact iaje is filing for Chapter 7, we do not know if they have even been qualified to do so (by the IRS).? hopefully if ALL CONCERNED PARTIES, write to info @ iaje.org and express their outrage and demand iaje file for bankruptcy protection under CH 11 or 13 (reorganization) and they contact their regional iaje chapters and do the same, there may yet be a different outcome.

mr. ratliff's headline should more correctly have read "A Jazz Lifeline to Academia Is Threatened.? it might have been illuminating for him to have interviewed Mary Jo Papich, the most recently elected president:? how curious that she recognized the state of things at iaje, but messrs. mcfarlin, bergman et al did not!!!
ricky schultz 

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ARTS / MUSIC | April 26, 2008
A Jazz Lifeline to Academia Is Severed
Over the last week, the jazz world has been reeling from the announcement that 
the International Association of Jazz Educators, a de facto trade organization, 
is going out of business.



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