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Some of the funniest and most out there *$#Y I've heard in quite a while. He's a brilliant artist but if true I think his cheese done slid off his cracker. Even more, if it's not true if there ever was an artist that would do it...Keith is the man.
  Jae Sinnett 

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  This week's sponsor: Chico Hamilton hits w/ ''It's About Time! EP'' on Joyous Shout!

''My first recording as a leader was a trio with Howard Roberts on guitar and George Duvivier on bass- a 10'' LP made for Pacific Jazz in 1955. This album was virtually the first recording made with the focus on the members of the rhythm section as lead instruments. Fifty- three years later we've recorded 'It's About Time!' in the same trio format with Cary DeNigris on guitar and Paul Ramsey on bass. These two brilliant players are my right hand and my left hand.'' 

-- Chico Hamilton

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