[JPL] steyn on 'round midnight lyricist bernie hanighen

Paul Combs pcomb at comcast.net
Tue Apr 29 13:04:01 EDT 2008

Thank you, Tom, for forwarding this information, particularly the stuff 
on Hanighen, which if personally helpful to me.  I do have a number of 
disagreements with Mark Steyn, which I may or may not have time to 
articulate in the future.  For the moment, I would like to speak in 
defense of Gene Lees's lyric for "Waltz For Debby," which I find to be 
particularly effective and engaging. It seems that Steyn is unaware of 
Lees' relationship to both Bill Evans and his niece Debby.  This lyric 
was not the result of "someone stapl[ing] words to [a] popular jazz 



Tom Reney wrote:
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> http://www.steynonline.com/content/view/1193/

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