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Show Date: 4/30/08
1:00-1:30 am
1. Artist: Billy Bang Quintet
    Cd: Above And Beyond
    Composition: At Play In The Fields Of The Lord
2. Artist: Roy Campbell
    Cd: Akhenaten Suite
    Composition: Akhenaten
3. Artist: Matthew Shipp
    Cd: New Orbit
    Composition: Title Tune
1:30-2:00 am
4. Artist: Lizz Wright
    Cd: The Orchard
    Composition: I Idolize You
5. Artist: Kat Parra
    Cd: Azucar De Amor
    Composition: Sugar
6. Artist: Terry Callier
    Cd: Time Peace
    Composition: No More Blues
7. Artist: Omar Sosa
    Cd: Promise
    Composition: Welcome
8. Artist: Lionel Loueke
    Cd: Virgin Forest
    Composition: Vivi
2:00-2:30 am  The Music Of Doug Carn
9. Cd: Infant Eyes
    Composition: Acknowledgement
10. Cd: Adam's Apple
      Composition: Higher Ground
11. Cd: Spirit Of the New Land
      Composition: My Spirit
2:30-3:00 am
12. Artist: Branford Marsalis
      Cd: Eternal
      Composition: Gloomy Sunday
13. Artist: Antonio Sanchez
      Cd: Migration
      Composition: Greedy Silence
2:30-3:00 am  The Music Of Hugh Masekela
14. Cd: Time
      Composition: Send Me
15. Cd: Revival
      Composition: District Six
16. Cd: The Best Of
      Composition: Batsumi
17. Cd: The Chisa Years
      Composition: Mahlalela
3:00-3:30 am 
18. Artist: Buck Hill
      Cd: The Buck Stops Here
      Composition: Harlem Nocturne
19. Artist: Nicholas Payton 
      Cd: Dear Louis
      Composition: Tight Like This
20. Artist: Antoine Roney
      Cd: The Traveler
      Composition: Chief Rahab
21. Artist: Pat Martino
      Cd: Think Tank
      Composition: Africa
4:00-5:00 am   The Music Of Randy Weston
22. Cd: Uhuru Afrika/Highlife
      Composition: Uhuru Kwanza
23. Cd: The Spirits Of Our Ancestors
      Composition: The Healers
24. Cd: Zep Tepi
      Composition: Portrait Of Frank E.  Weston
25. Cd: Volcano Blues
      Composition: Mystery Of Love
26. Cd: Khepera
      Composition: Anu Anu
27. Cd: Saga
      Composition: The Gathering
28. Cd: Live At St. Lucia
      Composition: Blue Moses
29. Cd: Saga
      Composition: Tangier Bay
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