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Chantal Phaire Phairelady at aol.com
Wed Apr 30 13:35:44 EDT 2008

How about DENISE JANNAH? Her Blue Note debut featured some tunes with the Bob Belden Orchestra, she also has sung with the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra. I call her Heinz. As in Heinz 57 sauce because she likes challenging herself and bandmates by doing things in 5 & 7. Nothing contrived.It's always saucy and it always swings.

Others agree:

“This woman can make you dream, cry, and fall in love. What more could you
” (The Music Advocate) 

-“Quite simply, Denise Jannah is one of the best jazz singers to come along in the 25 years I’ve been writing about music.” (Gary Giddins in the “Village Voice”) 

-“Jannah’s voice is fine – rich , certain and teeming with a candor 
undiminished by the artifice of record-making.” (Down Beat) 

-“If you’re having trouble keeping track of the score of female singers 
swamping the current jazz scene, let me save you some trouble: Denise Jannah is worth your time.” 
( Detroit Free Press) 

-“Her voice is so direct, the delivery so fresh and clear that she will 
surely withstand the test of time.” (Jazz Times)



We are putting the finishing touches on the Savannah Jazz Festival (Held in late Sept) & I wanted to ask the panel for suggestions about who might, in your festival experience, be a great singer to front a big band.  The singer would have to have big band charts.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions. 


Larry Dane-Kellogg
WHCJ  90-.3 FM / Savannah Jazz Festival
Savannah, GA

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