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Excellent choice - Denise Thimes.
Vocalist Jeanie Bryson also has big band charts.
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''My first recording as a leader was a trio with Howard Roberts  on guitar 
and George Duvivier on bass- a 10'' LP made for Pacific Jazz in  1955. This 
album was virtually the first recording made with the focus on the  members of the 
rhythm section as lead instruments. Fifty- three years later  we've recorded 
'It's About Time!' in the same trio format with Cary DeNigris  on guitar and 
Paul Ramsey on bass. These two brilliant players are my right  hand and my left 

-- Chico  Hamilton

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I  have truly the perfect singer.  Denise Thimes.com -  
- Clark Terry says she's his discovery, but he's  been arguing with Jimmy 
Heath about that (smile)! She's fronted the Clark  Terry Big Band at the Blue 
Flushing Town Hall and headlined at the  White House on Valentine's Day.  
Please look at her site, to hear her  sound bites.

http://denisethimes.com  - She's got  it.

Lois  Gilbert

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