[JPL] Another station drops jazz and other music

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Thu Aug 7 15:11:40 EDT 2008

WMUB (Miami U) in Ohio has just changed to an all news & info station, 
and has moved all music to their HD channel.  From their website:

*Why These Changes?
*As many of our listeners know, in the last 18 months WMUB has been the 
subject of a major internal study from Miami University, chaired by 
Journalism Program Chair Richard Campbell. The radio environment both 
nationally and locally has seen rapid change during that time, but as 
General Manager of WMUB I did not feel it was appropriate to institute 
anything but very minor changes to our overall programming mix during 
this time.

Now that review is over, and it is time for WMUB to move ahead. The 
committee's recommendation of dynamic partnerships on and off campus has 
challenged us to live up to our mission as never before:

    * Miami's review affirmed WMUB's role as a public service radio
    * We believe that commitment is best served by a full-time mix of
      local and national news and information programming.
    * By focusing our format, we believe we will increase our ability to
      attract and retain new listeners as well as serve the great
      majority of current listeners.
    * This change thus orients us toward future growth in audience and
      local fundraising capacity.
    * The resources of the WMUB news room will build on the best of NPR
      and now (for the first time) the BBC.
    * Repeating Diane Rehm and Talk of the Nation reinforces the
      centrality of our news and information format.
    * The repeats give those who can't listen during the daytime the
      chance to experience the depth of NPR's talk shows.
    * The BBC World Service gives an international scope and perspective
      unmatched by any other available source.
    * Although other stations in the area carry some BBC also, we will
      carry more hours, and at different times.
    * The *HD2 Jazz channel* <http://www.wmub.org/HDradio/> and its
      associated live web stream provide the appropriate vehicles for
      presenting Mama Jazz to her audience as well as our overnight and
      daytime jazz offerings.
    * We will be able to provide further opportunities to work with
      Miami students in a professional environment.

What can be done to stop this continuing trend by non-commercial stations?

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