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You said, "That  jazz 'stood on it own' for 100 years is just a  
myth." And the only  evidence that you cite for this feeble-minded  
assertion is the  nebulous claim that it was 'freely mixed with all  
kinds of other  stuff'? Are you serious? Well then do you suppose that  
jazz became a  stand-alone art form? And when did it cease to be mixed  
with 'other  stuff', given that jazz presently is often mixed with such  
'other  stuff' as world music, broadway show tunes and hip-hop. With  
that  rationale, one could conclude that jazz has never been a distinct   
form. And, for that matter, neither has anything else! Rock music,  for  
example continues to be infused with 'such stuff' as blues, soul  and,  
dare I say it, JAZZ.

You think that we should 'mix in' real jazz with  other forms  
of music? In other words, we shouldn't have  specific jazz  
programming at all. Right?

Kindly explain how a 'great jazz show' can  simultaneously be  
boring and presented by an equally bored host?  What was 'great' and/or  
'boring about it?

As for  your statemant that "jazz musicians (should be) making music   
with an audience in mind that is broader than their fellow  musicians",  
what is your rationale for believing that they  do? Are you referring  
to ALL jazz musicians or just the  ones you don't like?  

Lastly, I find it shameful, inexcusable and  totally  
inexplicable that you would describe the pioneeering music,  which you  
OBVIOUSLY have not listened  to, that seminal guitarist Lonnie  
Johnson recorded  with Duke Ellington in 1927, and Louis Armstrong's  
Hot Fives as  well, as "awful pop  dreck". 

If your only excuse for  these tired canards masquerading as a  
valid point of view is that  you wrote them while you were doing your  
show, then in the future  please wait until your shift is over! Taking  
time to think and  carefully assemble one's thoughts keeps you from   
sounding stupid! I thought that you were at least well-intentioned  if  
mis-guided. I didn't realize that you are pitiably,  hopelessly  
ignorant! Read some books, dude! I recommend these  appropriately (for  
you) titled works; /Jazz For Dummies/ and The  /Complete Idiot's Guide  
to Jazz./

Miles  Willis

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