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Sat Aug 9 19:20:50 EDT 2008

Marcello Tolliver
WPFW 89.3
Box 63
Washington, D.C.
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Show Date: 8/6/08
1:00-1:30 a.m.
1. Artist: T. K. Blue
    Cd: Follow The North Star
    Composition: The Song Of Solomon Northup
2. Artist: Wadada Leo Smith
    Cd: Procession Of The Great Ancestry
    Composition: Who Killed David Walker?
3. Artist: Antonio Sanchez
    Cd: Migration
    Composition: Arena
4. Artist: Pat Metheny
    Cd: Day Trip
    Composition: When We Were Free
5. Artist: Matt Ulery
    Cd: Music Box Ballerina
    Composition: Good Morning
6. Artist: Wessell Anderson
    Cd: "Live At The Village Vanguard"
    Composition: Snake Charmer
7. Artist: Ted Nash
    Cd: Rhyme And Reason
    Composition: The Trails
8. Artist: Mark Prince
    Cd: Fraction Of Infinity
    Composition: Abena's Last Stand
2:00-2:30 a.m.
The Music Of Dom Um Romao
9. Cd: Self Titled
    Composition: Adeus Maria Fulo
10. Cd: Dom Um
      Composition: Africa
11. Cd: Lake Of Preseverance
      Composition: Afro Blue
12. Cd: Spirit Of The Times
      Composition: Lamento Negro
13. Cd: Lake Of Preseverance
      Composition: Title Tune
2:30-3:00 a.m.
14. Artist: Rabih Abou Khalil
      Cd: Al Jadida
      Composition: Catania
15. Artist: Rabih Abou Khalil
      Cd: Blue Camel
      Composition: Tsarka
16. Artist: Kat Parra
      Cd: Azucar De Amor
      Composition: Sugar
17. Artist: Willy Torres
      Cd: Lo Que Traigo Yo
      Composition: La Muerte
3:00-3:30 a.m.
The Music Of Rodney Jones
18. Cd: Dreams And Stories
      Composition: Summer Time
19. Cd: The "X" Field
      Composition: Silent Darkness
20. Cd: The Un-Discovered Few
      Composition: My Favorite Things
21. Cd: Soul Manifesto
      Composition: Morning Of The Carnival
3:30-4:00 a.m.
The Music Of Dwight Trible
22. Cd: Living Water
      Composition: John Coltrane
23. Group: Build An Ark
      Cd: Peace with every step
      Composition: You've Got To Have  Freedom
24. Artist: Derf Reklaw
      Cd: From The Nile
      Composition: We See
25. Cd: Horace
      Composition: Out Of This World
4:00-4:30 a.m.
The Music of Bennie Maupin
26. Cd: Early Reflections
      Composition: A.T.M.A.
27. Cd: "Live At Club Rhapsody"
      Composition: Neophilia
28. Cd: Penumbra
      Composition: Walter Bishop Jr.
29. Cd: The Jewel In The Lotus
      Composition: Title Tune
4:30-5:00 a.m.
30. Artist: Abbey Lincoln
      Cd: Devil's Got Your Tongue
      Composition: Story Of My Father
31. Artist: Joey Calderazzo
      Cd: Self Titled
      Composition: Haiku
32. Artist: Gregory Hickman-Williams
      Cd: Passages
      Composition: St. James Infirmary
33. Artist: Francesca Tanksley
      Cd: Journey
      Composition: Prayer 
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