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Not at all Ben
 I try to mention what I think is relevant to the CD. Featured  Players, A 
Nice solo,An Important rhythm section, A String ensemble.Not every  player in 
and Big Band or Octet.The Composer,Arranger and the venue and when  it was 
recorded if I think it's important . I like to mention the title and the  artist a 
couple of times so they get the name if they might want to buy  it.
I heard one programmer mentioning a list of players from Japan.  Arrrgh I 
hope they weren't listing in Tokyo.
I get calls thanking me for not mentioning a long list of players  and my 
delivery format.
PS. How about confusing liner notes and listing of players in  addition of 
indecipherable copy which can make the programmer sound like a  moron.
Thanks for your concern
Melodious Mel Lipton/ Jazz Party
WDNA 88.9 FM
 Miami or _www.wdna.org_ (http://www.wdna.org) 

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bfboddie at msn.com writes:

Hello Linda and Mel,

Are you suggesting that the  listener only wants to hear good music and 
doesn't care to know who's playing  it?  

Ben Boddie
Sunday Jazz Matinee/WSHA FM 88.9
Raleigh,  NC

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