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Kia Ora,


George Jazz Internet Jazz Radio

Releases added this week on heavy playlist rotation


            Art Webb - Mr. Flute (1977 Atlantic)

            Phil Upchurch - Darkness, Darkness (1972 Blue Thumb)

            Adam Kolker - Flag Day (2008 Sunnyside)

            James Morrison - Deni Hines - The Other Woman (2007)

            Frank Gibson's Parallel 37 - paralleL 37 (2008 ODE NZ)

            SAQ - Solar Bossa (Wormfunk Mix) (2008 Further Out)

            SAQ - Space Butter (2008 Further Out)

            SAQ - Music Is Our Universe (2008 Further Out)

            Wayne Escoffery - Hopes and Dreams (2008 Savant)

            Neil Cowley Trio - Loud.. Louder..Stop! (2008 Cake)

            The Bennie Maupin Quartet - Early Reflections (2008

            Shaw Turre Miller Reedus - You And The Night And The Music (2008

            Matt Ulery's Loom - Music Box Ballerina (2007)

            Adam Niewood's Rabble Rousers  - Epic Journey & Vol 1 (2008)

            Greg Chako - Everybody`s Got A Name (2008)

            Tom Ludvigson - Blue Notes (2008 Self Release NZ)

            Willy's NYC Salsa Project - Lo Que Traigo Yo (2008)

            David Murray & Mal Waldron - Silence (2001 Telarc)


GeorgeFM - Its A Jazz Thing Sunday 3rd August 2008


            1. Parallel 37 - Seven Steps To Heaven (2008 ODE NZ) 

            2. Numerology - Telepathy (2005 Jazzgroove) 

            3. Kenny Carr - The Chase (2007 self release) 

            4. Level 42 - Dune Tune (1981 Polydor) 

            5. Incognito - Parisienne Girl (1980 Ensign) 

            6. Morrissey Mullen - Slipstream (1981 Beggars Banquet) 

            7. Freeze - Southern Freeze (1980 Beggars Banquet) 

            8. Ray Charles & Basie - Every Saturday Night (2007 Telarc) 

            9. Wayne Wallace - Serpantine Fire (2008 Patois) 

            10. Portinho Trio - Viva O Rio De Janeiro (2008 MCG Jazz) 

            11. The High Fly Orchestra - Hi Fly Stomp (2008 Tramp) 

            12. Hilary - Amazona (1979 CBS) 

            13. Lizzy Parks - Raise The Roof (2008 Tru Thoughts) 

            14. 20th Century Dog - Fela-Teen (2007 Kidzen) 

            15. Michael Brecker - Don't Try This At Home (1988 Impulse) 

            16. Parallel 37 - There's Nothing Smart About Being Stupid (2008

            17. Saxophone Summit - Message To Mike (2008 Telarc) 

            18. Mac Davis - I'm Just In Love (2005 Soul Jazz comp)




Jazz Release of the Week




Frank Gibson's Parallel 37

Parallel 37

(2008 ODE Records)


I picked up an original vinyl copy of this release some years ago in Real
Groovy, Auckland and it has been a firm favorite of mine since first play.
Quite simply it is a stunning jazz album. Originally released on ODE Records
in 1981 it features the cream of NZ jazz musicians at that time (many of
them still active on the scene today) playing alongside some of the top
American jazz musicians visiting Auckland in 1980 & 1981.


On the original LP release there are six tracks, 3 on each side, pretty
standard for the day. On this CD re-issue those same tracks are there but in
addition there are 3 tracks featuring guitarist Emily Remler. The session
with Emily was recorded just a few days before her death in Sydney in 1990.


The lineup on the release brings a smile to ones face and is too large to
list here - check the cd out and go buy a copy. Not only is it an iconic NZ
jazz release it is a world class jazz album, especially now that it has the
additional 3 tracks.


Well done to Frank Gibson Jr and ODE Records NZ for getting this gem out
there again.




Mark Robinson


MBE P 283

Private Bag 92175



New Zealand



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