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In a message ray reach  writes:

In all fairness, Mr. Coltrane may have been having
> problems with flaws in his instrument.  Very often, the rush
> to "get a product to market" overrides asthetic
> considerations.  These may have been mitigating factors.
with all due respect ray, somehow i doubt mr. coltrane was having issues with 
"flaws in his instrument."  seems to me he would have addressed that.
as for the rush to "get a product to market" overriding aesthetic 
considerations, i cant imagine that being the case.
i was fortunate to have bob thiele as a friend and mentor; we are all 
fortunate that bob recognized coltrane's importance and was responsible for allowing 
coltrane to record any time he wished. thiele had the instincts to recognize 
how vital coltrane's creativity was and went against the corporate grain to 
give coltrane unprecedented studio access.
thankfully, 'trane was not limited to recording two albums a year!  
as for your comment about drugs: i dont wish to advocate them, but one has to 
wonder, in the context of pre-civil rights movement America, what role they 
played in certain artists (particularly afro-american artists) being able deal 
just to pursue their art. 
coltrane's quest and his journey was his unique path--we cant really know how 
his drug use impacted that path for the better or the worse.
ricky schultz
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