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I certainly agree with Jeff.  I said the Festival Network group has a 
steep learning curve.  Lots of stuff happened at the last minute and 
without clear directions.  Eric and Jeff were certainly right on about 
artist lineups and selections played.  I believe they will get better 
and the instant thing they could do would be to retain Sue Auclair again 
because she touches all of the bases when it comes to being media 
savvy.  FN spent big money in some places, yet cut some items.  Some of 
the stuff they cut were missed and will take away from the FREE 
publicity they could receive from the media during the next twelve 
months.  They were also not very understanding of the photo journalist 
who were working to get good photo opportunities.  Also,  This year I 
thought many of the comments by Chevy Chase were really off base and not 
what you would want to hear on the NPR/WBGO broadcasts from the festival.

Jeff Turton wrote:
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> Life can be challenging: I've realized after a rough year that the 
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> I think I'd have to agree with Tom on a couple of things. I thought 
> Ledisi was barely more than a screamer. It was painful at times. 
> Anthony Hamilton was just bad. Chris Potter is the new Iron Man of 
> Jazz based on this weekend. Melody Gardot was able to keep the 
> attention of the outdoor crowd and delivered a wonderful performance.
> Besides the great band George had with him, George seemed like a kid 
> at the piano. He had great energy, played well and I had no idea he 
> could still sing. It was a fun set. I also really enjoyed Christian 
> Scott's set on Saturday and Esperanza Spalding was terrific and will 
> not be on the small stage next year. Lionel Loueke was great with him 
> group and also with Herbie. As usual it was tough to see even a little 
> bit of everything.
> I would slightly disagree with Tom on the Festival Network and their 
> PR Firm. They have a lot to learn about the New England market and the 
> Media. It was total confusion dealing with them and if you were a 
> journalist looking for personnel or set lists backstage, good luck. If 
> that person existed they didn't make themselves obvious. There was 
> also no performance schedule information available to the media until 
> we were on site. More than anything though they had no idea who to 
> deal with in the Boston and Providence markets. They came in to the 
> market and reinvented the wheel. Most of us had to seek the people 
> responsible for the media contacts for the festival. Crowds were 
> definitely down especially on Sunday so I'm suspecting that Aretha may 
> have helped Saturday sales. I also suspect that the Festival Network's 
> lack of knowledge about the media markets served by the Festival also 
> had a lot to do with the lower turnout.
> Jeff Turton
> WFNX Jazz Brunch
> On Aug 12, 2008, at 11:21 PM, TomtheJazzman wrote:
>> ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
>> I certainly have a different opinion regarding the JVC Newport 
>> Festival.  The URBAN music did not fit with the other performances.  
>> Aretha is not what I am talking about.  Le;isi and Anthony Hamilton 
>> certainly did not fit the mold of this Festival and had very few 
>> followers there.
>> Chris Potter really showed he is the heir apparent to the Michael 
>> Brecker followers in his performances with Dave Holland, Herbie 
>> Hancock and Marco Benevento.   Anat Cohen, say ANOT, was awesome with 
>> George Wein as was Esperance Spalding.  The Mark Rapp band played 
>> some very tasteful selection with a new release coming next month.  
>> He plays a cool trumpet.   It was good to see and hear Jimmy Cobb 
>> playing with George Wein, expecially being the lone survivor of the 
>> Kind Of Blue Band with Miles.  Jimmy has a new release on Chesky.  
>> Another of the highlights was Warren Vache with John Alred on Trombone.
>> Lionel Loueke did not disappoint in his own set or while playing with 
>> Herbie.
>> Many of us commented we were disappointed that Chris Botti played the 
>> same set Friday night and Saturday afternoon with the same jokes and 
>> comment.  Mark Whitfield and Billy Childs were killers as was Billy 
>> Kilson on drums.  Ledisi did the same set both Friday night and 
>> Saturday, but she has only one CD and not much book so that could be 
>> expected.
>> Herbie did a wonderful set as did Sonny Rollins.
>> The new organization, Festival Network is learning and will get 
>> better.  Most and generally the festival was good but not one of the 
>> stronger festivals.  I thought the attendance was down quite a bit 
>> from previous years.
>> Those are my few cents worth.
>> Tom
>> Dr. Jazz wrote:
>>> This week's sponsor:  Lisa Hilton
>>> Composer/pianist Lisa Hilton's latest release, ''Sunny Day Theory'' 
>>> heads to jazz radio next week.  Hilton is joined by top talent Lewis 
>>> Nash on drums, Larry
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