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Eric Jackson eric-jackson at comcast.net
Wed Aug 13 11:42:39 EDT 2008

Eric Hines wrote:

> I thought I remembered reading that Coltrane had serious, prolonged
> problems after he lost a favorite mouthpiece.

I'm not sure that I've ever heard the problems with the mouth piece 
described as prolonged before so I'm not exactly sure what that means.

I always heard that it was because of mouthpiece problems that Trane 
recorded a string of what some might consider mellower albums. 
Supposedly he wasn't comfortable playing uptempo or more energetically. 
I think I've even repeated that story myself.

Evidence would suggest that if this story is true, it was only a problem 
for a short time. I have a pretty extensive Coltrane collection, 
including a number of imports and small label releases. I have a 
discography of my personal Coltrane collection.

In September of 1962, Coltrane recorded the music that was released as 
Ballads. He also recorded the date with Duke that same month.

I have a live concert from him called the Complete Graz Concert '62 that 
was recorded in November of 1962. Trane played Autumn Leaves, Bye Bye 
Blackbird, Everytime We Say Goodbye, I Want To Talk About You, 
Impressions, Mr. P.C., My Favorite Things and Inch Worm. He didn't seem 
to be shying away from uptempo or energetic pieces there. The versions 
of Traneing In and Bye Bye Blackbird that were released on Bye Bye 
Blackbird are also from the fall of 1962.

The Coltrane Hartman sessions were in March of 1963. At the end of April 
1963 Trane recorded After The Rain and Dear Old Stockholm. In July of 
'63 he played Newport where he recorded I Want To Talk About You, 
Impressions and My Favorite Things.

It would seem to me if the story about the mouthpiece problems were true 
and they were extensive they didn't seem to make him play those mellower 
pieces for very long. Let me say I do believe the stories about the 
mouthpiece problems are true. I just don't know how extensive they were 
nor how much, if at all, they affected what he chose to play.

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