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Eric Jackson eric-jackson at comcast.net
Wed Aug 13 11:53:59 EDT 2008

Tom Reney wrote:
> Sue Auclair was definitely missed, as was the wonderful festival preview 
> dinner party that George would host in Boston or Newport.  I heard Chevy 
> Chase was really
> off the wall.

Sue took care of a lot of the arrangements for the dinner party.

I didn't make either day of Newport this year because I was sick. Last 
year I remember that a group of us press folks gathered back stage with 
Chevy Chase. He admitted that he doesn't know much about today's jazz 
players. He knew Bill Evans and some of the 60s legendary jazz figures 
but he said he had little or no contact with what's happening in the 
jazz world. To me he's really unnecessary but I guess the people 
producing the festival think he has some sort of draw or attracting 
powers although they don't really promote him as the host. I just have 
to wonder, does he really add anything positive to the day?

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> Tom Reney
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