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Sue was desperately missed. As Eric said, Jazz is more than her job it is really an important part of what she does. I was surprised she wasn't hired and at first thought it might be monetary but based on where the overspent it had to have been another reason. They basically tried to reinvent the wheel and failed. Hopefully they'll learn a lesson or two and be better next year. Better yet maybe rehire Sue. She starts with the media in May when the line-ups are announced. I heard nothing until July when I had to make contact and I was not the only one who had this experience

Chevy was useless. He added nothing to the proceedings. If they thought he was going be a draw they missed again. I think their involvement in last years festival was the reason he was brought on board last year as well. There was some great music throughout the weekend so at least bottom line it was an entertaining weekend and the weather was terrific


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> I certainly agree with Jeff.  I said the Festival Network group has a 
> steep learning curve.  Lots of stuff happened at the last minute and 
> without clear directions.  Eric and Jeff were certainly right on about 
> artist lineups and selections played.  I believe they will get better 
> and the instant thing they could do would be to retain Sue Auclair again 
> because she touches all of the bases when it comes to being media 
> savvy.  FN spent big money in some places, yet cut some items.  Some of 
> the stuff they cut were missed and will take away from the FREE 
> publicity they could receive from the media during the next twelve 
> months.  They were also not very understanding of the photo journalist 
> who were working to get good photo opportunities.  Also,  This year I 
> thought many of the comments by Chevy Chase were really off base and not 
> what you would want to hear on the NPR/WBGO broadcasts from the festival.
> Tom

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