[JPL] origins of so-called 'dixieland' jazz question

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EdBride at aol.com wrote:

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> <<..there are differences...albeit subtle... in so called  "dixieland" and 
> "traditional" jazz. Many of the NO musicians would say the  main difference 
> would be in how the beat is interpreted. I also think  too...there is more of a 
> blues element in the traditional jazz  bands..>>
> I have this discussion with friends, every now and then. It's like beauty  or 
> porn, I know it when I hear it, even if I can't define or explain it. 
> I don't consider myself a Dixieland Jazz fan, yet one of my favorite bands  
> is the New Black Eagle Jazz Band. Go figure, eh? I mentioned they're playing 
> the  Pittsfield CityJazz Festival this year, and someone said, "I don't like  
> Dixieland Jazz." I reply, "Neither to I," and then I'm stymied at how  to 
> explain the apparent contradiction.

I have to admit that when I think of the musical term dixieland, I think 
of guys in straw hats and stripped shirts. I guess I think of dixieland 
as a very commercial kind of music.

I also enjoy the music of the New Black Eagle. I have interviewed 
several of their members a few times. They are improvising musicians. I 
can certainly enjoy that they improvise with a certain era or feeling in 
mind. If you ask many of the bands, they will say that they play music 
of a small number of composers while trying to play with the feeling of 
a certain period. It would seem to me that what the rhythm section plays 
is influenced by the composer and the time period. I'm sure I've asked 
the New Black Eagles the questions about who and what and I think I 
recall that they are interested basically in the music from around 1930. 
But they aren't trying to recreate that music. They try to play in the 
style of that period.

Hey Ed, you mentioned you might have one of them come with you when you 
come on my show in October. I'd be happy to have one of them join us. I 
find when I talk to bands like them that I learn a lot.

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