[JPL] Q about the "first" jazz recording

Tom Marcello tom at joelocke.com
Wed Aug 13 18:01:44 EDT 2008


 I believe that story is about Freddie Keppard. RCA offered to record 
him early on (1915?) but he turned the opportunity because he didn't 
want others to steal his music. He was also notorious for covering his 
hand on the trumpet valves for the same reason.



Tom Marcello
manager / Joe Locke
tom at joelocke.com

>I recall the late 70s when I first became interested in jazz history after
>learning of the Cuba-New Orleans connection, I read an article or a book
>that mentioned that the executives of the record company that first recorded
>the Original Dixieland Jazz Band had asked an all-Black jazz ensemble to
>record but they turned down the opportunity because of not wanting their
>music to be "exported" out of New Orleans. After about 30 years I can't
>recall the details nor publication but that is more or less the content of
>the write up I read. Has anyone else read something to that effect or
>perhaps give more accurate information about this?, the vast knowledge of
>the members of this group is perhaps jazz's best resource.

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