[JPL] Jack Black talks 'Tropic Thunder' and how he got the girl

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I love that article! I just saw the movie 'Tropic
Thunder' and thought it was hilarious. 

Will Haden be known as 'Jack Black's father-in-law'
now instead of as 'jazz bassist'?

Mike Stratton

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> Jack Black talks 'Tropic Thunder' and how he got the
> girl
> By Roger Moore
> The Orlando Sentinel
> Salt Lake Tribune
> Article Last Updated:08/15/2008 07:53:27 PM MDT
> They teach it in Interviewing 101: Find common
> ground with your subject. 
> But when your subject is rich, famous, plump and
> happy Jack Black, that 
> might be tricky. Do your homework and there, in the
> details of his 2006 
> wedding to cellist Tanya Haden, is the hook.
>     ''You know, the toughest interview I've ever had
> was with your 
> father-in-law.''
>     Black takes the bait. His father-in-law? The
> legendary jazz bassist 
> Charlie Haden. You need to bone up on your jazz
> before talking to 
> Charlie Haden. Otherwise, he has you for lunch.
> Superficial ''that time 
> you worked with Pat Metheny'' questions won't do.
>     ''Man, don't just bring your Metheny game to a
> Charlie Haden 
> interview,'' Black laughs. ''Believe me, I did some
> research, too. Are 
> you kidding me? I wanted to marry his daughter. I
> watched all 10 hours 
> of that Ken Burns jazz documentary. But I'm still a
> novice. I know 
> better than to broach the subject.''
>     Black got the girl, and now they have two kids.
> And when Charlie 
> Haden, who just turned 71, cut a CD of the
> traditional folk music he was 
> raised on, a ''Charlie Haden with Family'' CD, guess
> whom he got to sing.
>     ''Fare thee well, Ol' Joe Clark, fare thee well
> I saaaaay,'' the 
> singing half of Tenacious D belts out. ''Fare thee
> well, OLD Joe Clark. 
> I'm goin' 'way to staaaaay."
>     "A bluegrass standard, a classic. I've never
> sung that style before, 
> but I felt I was channeling my own hickory-flavored
> ancestors for that.''
>     The CD will be out at the end of the month,
> Black says, just in time 
> for his 39th birthday.
>     Black sounds positively ebullient, even at the
> end of a long day of 
> interviews about his new movie, ''Tropic Thunder.''
> It's a big-budget, 
> raunchy comedy about movie stars trapped in a
> Vietnam War tale whose 
> filming becomes all too real. Black couldn't be
> further from the 
> character he plays, Jeff Portnoy, an obese,
> substance-abusing comic 
> trapped in a series of flatulent cross-dressing
> comedies because that's 
> all Hollywood wants from him.
>     ''Look, a lot of him is me, obviously,'' Black
> says. ''I haven't 
> done multiple-character comedies that are all about
> farting. But I do 
> fart in some of my movies, and I am fat, in, well,
> pretty much all my 
> movies. So I understand this guy. There's a little
> Chris Farley-John 
> Belushi, a little angry Tom Sizemore in there, too.
> I've phased the 
> excess partying out of my life. But the guy is not a
> long trip for me to 
> take.''
>     No DeNiro ''Method'' stuff here, Black insists.
> ''Yeah, I gained 
> weight for the part. Sure.''
>     It was a demanding movie, never more so than
> when Black's character 
> slips into withdrawal and has to be strapped across
> a water buffalo.
>     Black is totally down with the New
> Outrageousness, the style that 
> ''Tropic Thunder'' was filmed in. Raw language,
> substance abuse as a 
> source of comedy, an actor in blackface (Robert
> Downey Jr.), this is a 
> movie that's out there, and Black loves it.
>     ''Let's offend EVERYBODY, and then nobody'll be
> offended.''
>     ''Tropic'' is earning enthusiastic reviews, as
> is Black, who, Box 
> Office Magazine says, is ''at last reminding
> audiences of why they 
> thought 'School of Rock' was so funny.''
>     No wonder Black is so good-natured, so far
> removed from the 
> comically tortured funnyman he plays in the film.
> Happy at work, happy 
> at home? Well, just so long as he does his jazz/folk
> homework. He laughs 
> at that.
>     ''I'm golden, man,'' he says. ''But you? You
> need to study your 
> Charlie Haden.''
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