[JPL] One Night's Treat

MICHAEL P STRATTON dreamtrane at sbcglobal.net
Sun Aug 17 08:24:15 EDT 2008

I had the good luck to listen to Wessell "Warmdaddy"
Anderson, Marcus Belgrave, Steve Richko, Randy
Gellispie, Diego Rivera and Rodney Whitaker play a few
sets of great jazz last night at the P2 in Oldtown,
Lansing, Michigan last night.

Wess' wife, Desi greeted us at the door and told us
she was operating on two hours of sleep. Why? She'd
been up all night cooking some Louisiana cuisine for
about a hundred guests. Smothered pork, chicken, rice
& beans, black eyed peas, there was so much excellent

As many of you know, Wess suffered a stroke a little
over a year ago. He is playing fantastic, a wonderful
flow of ideas and energy and great interplay with the

Mike Stratton (still full of food and jazz)
The Vinyl Side Of Midnight

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