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Believe it or not, we actually don't control the Decca or Emarcy jazz
catalog.  Universal's catalog division - Ume - does.

- G

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Good to hear for ya' Gee Ess,

your what's shakin' greeting rmiends me of back in the day when that was
a popular refrain, like what's up, wassup, waddup is now, althouigh it's
being recycled like so much of pop culture nowadays, anyhow, the
standard reply to what's shakin' was, ain't nutin' shakin' but the
leaves on the trees n they wouldn't be shakin' if it wasn't for the

Here in Denver though like Big Maybelle sang there's a whole lotta
goin' on...

Garrett check out our home page www.kuvo.org as Roy Hargrove Qunintet is
featured as our CD of the Month for August.....


PS are you taking suggestions for Decca re-issues?

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