[JPL] Joe Lovano - "Symphonica"

Shaunna Morrison Machosky morrison at wduq.org
Wed Aug 27 11:35:19 EDT 2008

This is a brilliant recording. Hands-down one of the best cd's I've 
listened to in the past month.

It's been a good month or so for Blue Note. Aaron Parks is fresh and 
original. Cassandra Wilson sounds great. Cheers!

Shaunna Morrison Machosky
Music Director
WDUQ 90.5 FM


Every once in a while a recording will come along that challenges the 
jazz programming concepts of what we do here at WHRV. Too deep 
artistically for what jazz radio has become in general but too deep 
for us to ignore it. We can follow the Jazzweek chart to see if the 
first part of the previous sentence stands correct.

"Symphonica" is simply brilliant. Joe Lovano sounds about as good as 
I've ever heard him and Mike Abene once again proves he's one of the 
great arrangers of anytime. Lovano's compositions fit perfectly 
within Abene's vision of direction and his arrangement of 
Mingus'"Duke Ellington's Sound Of Love" is stunningly beautiful. 
Also, having the WDR Big Band to use as his arranging vehicle makes 
it about as good as it gets. I'm not hearing a jazz orchestra that is 
better today.

Mike Abene has total arranging freedom because this band can do 
anything he wants them to do. Considering his imagination...that's 
asking a lot!Then throw in the orchestra...wow. It's a pleasure to 
listen to this recording because of the extraordinary musicianship 
and sonic beauty. This forward thinking CD reflects the sophisticated 
nature of what jazz should be...in composition, improvisation, 
arranging and concept. It will definitely get played on WHRV.

Jae Sinnett

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