[JPL] From Pat Harris re 2 Skirts & a Shirt world debut tonight

Arturo Gomez arturo at kuvo.org
Wed Aug 27 17:14:12 EDT 2008

Yesterday was a busy day here in Denver. . . we started with a rehearsal at
Dazzle, then a radio interview at KUVO, next we attended the Emily's List
gala and saw three of the foremost democratic women in the country speak:
Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Rodham-Clinton, and Michelle Obama.
The fact that this is a democratic woman's organization (there were probably
3,000 women in the audience) made it tangible to us that they were a little
in not having a woman presidential nominee, but they gave a rousing welcome
Michelle Obama. Hillary said that if women didn't receive satisfaction from
on their kind of issues, they knew with Michelle they had a friend to call

Later we went to the WINEJESTER for a meet and greet where we sipped wine
under a canopy outside and talked politics. And still later we attended The
Good Gala at the Colorado History Museum headed up by Patricia Duff where we
heard Chevy Chase, Lynn Whitfield and others speak. 'Round midnight we
finally called it a day.

Working with  Rene and Carla by the way has been really amazing. They are
and exciting artists - and together we are getting ready to kick some butt
So tune in on-line tonight at 7:00 PM (Mountain Time) we're airing live on
If you want to purchase tickets you can do so on line at www.dazzlejazz.com

Pat Harris

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