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Wed Aug 27 18:24:20 EDT 2008

Following is the log for the next JAZZ AMERICA program from the Voice of America, now heard by more listeners than ever before, not only on the entertainment service MusicMix, but also on the worldwide VOA service via shortwave transmission. 
The show is two hours long and reaches a potential audience of 94 million listeners worldwide each weekend.  Visit the Voice of America website @ www.voamusicmix.net and click on schedule in the left column to see the time it is webcast in your timezone as well as when and how to hear it via shortwave.
Also, please take note of the email address for the show.  For any comments or communication you can reach me at jazz-america at voa.gov.

davis programs					
163 third avenue/p.m.b. # 259•new york, ny 10003	
phone...212 614-0424		
email…jazz-america at voa.gov

JAZZ AMERICA...SHOW #953...30-31 August 2008
CHARLIE PARKER.…52nd street theme (complete live recordings)  
DINAH WASHINGTON.…a slick chick on the mellow side (complete verve recordings)  
* Wayne Shorter  Interview 
WAYNE SHORTER.…footprints (adam’s apple)  
MILES DAVIS.…e.s.p. (e.s.p.)  
JONATHAN BUTLER.…7TH avenue (live in south africa)  
ROY HARGROVE.…I’m not so sure (earfood)  
* Pat Martino  Interview 
PAT MARTINO.…el hombre (el hombre)  
KENNY DORHAM.…the prophet (kenny dorham & the jazz prophets)  

JAZZ AMERICA...SHOW #954...30-31 August 2008
LESTER YOUNG/BILLIE HOLIDAY.…a sailboat in the moonlight (easy does it 1936-1940)  
BRANFORD MARSALIS.…the ballad of chet kincaid (crazy people music)  
* Wayne Shorter  Interview 
WAYNE SHORTER.…speak no evil (speak no evil)  
WAYNE SHORTER/LA FUNKMOB.…oriental folk song (blue note revisited)  
BEN ALLISON.…four folk songs (little things run the world)  
DEE DEE BRIDGEWATER/GABIN.…into my soul (mr. freedom)  
* Pat Martino  Interview 
PAT MARTINO.…joyous lake (joyous lake)  
KENNY DREW.…played twice(winter flower)  

SHOWS #955-956...6-7 September 2008
A Celebration of the current trend of
modern big band featuring Tim Hagans,
Bob Mintzer, Dave Samuels & McCoy Tyner.  
We’ll hear their words & music.

Russ Davis
Jazz America
Voice of America
jazz-america at voa.gov
163 Third Avenue
PMB 259
New York, NY 10003

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