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We'll be debuting the CD this Friday, likely with the tune "Uptown
Tippitina's."  Most of the tracks will get nighttime play.  I dig this band,
but am also a diehard of The Bad Plus (playing our festival September 7th!

I always like to hear what Fareed Haque is up to musically.

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This week's sponsor:  Lisa Hilton

Composer/pianist Lisa Hilton's latest release, ''Sunny Day Theory'' is on
your desk now.  Hilton is joined by top talent Lewis Nash on drums, Larry
Grenadier on bass and Brice Winston on tenor sax.  Eighteen time Grammy
winner, Al Schmitt recorded and mixed the 12 track release.

What is the ''Sunny Day Theory''?  Hilton smiles, ''My engineer Larry Mah
made me laugh recounting a 'Foggy Day Theory', so I countered with a 'Sunny
Day Theory' which basically assumes that difficulties, if embraced honestly,
create opportunity for growth.  Life can be challenging: I've realized after
a rough year that the complex can be dealt with one step at a time, that
there can be depth in something as simple as a melody, beauty within the
blues, and that with tomorrow there is always the hope for a sunny day.''


''Sunny Day Theory''/Ruby Slippers Productions promotion by Jane


Has anyone checked this CD out? If you're a Bad Plus, Soulive or MMW fan you
might want to get into this one. Personally I'm not but the difference with
this release is that it's considerably hipper...musically... than any of
those groups. Many parts of it have that early Headhunters vibe. Serious
straight eighth grooves but with very interesting harmonic structures and
melodic movement. For variation in your programming this one fits for sure in
my view. Anyone know who's working it? I'm assuming the title is "Woot."  

Jae Sinnett 


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