[JPL] Obama rally will make big jazz fest day even bigger

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  Obama rally will make big jazz fest day even bigger


As if Detroit's jazz festival won't pack enough people around Detroit's 
riverfront this weekend, Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama 
will lure even more Monday if he speaks to a Labor Day rally downtown, 
as part of a two-day campaign through Michigan.

Campaign officials are choosing a site for the Detroit rally to follow 
the traditional Labor Day parade down Woodward Avenue.

The thought of an Obama invasion near the jazz festival has festival 
director Terri Pontremoli both excited and nervous.

"It's a huge event anyway, we have six stages, hundreds of thousands of 
people," Pontremoli said. "This will force a lot of things to happen 

And she'd have to deal with the U.S. Secret Service and its need to 
secure the area around Obama's stage, which could affect the flow of 
people to the jazz festival. The festival will start at noon Monday.

"We can't have something that completely throws off our schedule of 
performances," Pontremoli said. "If it's done early enough, it won't be 
an issue."

She said Obama probably doesn't know he's going to land in the middle of 
a jazz festival. She said she read that Obama is a big fan of jazz icon 
John Coltrane, which is fitting because the festival's theme this year 
is "A Love Supreme," the title of a Coltrane album.

Obama's rally in Battle Creek will be held at the C.O. Brown Stadium in 
Bailey Park, 1392 Capital Ave NE. Gates for the rally will open at 5 p.m.

The event is free and open to the public, but participants should RSVP 
at www.mi.barackobama.com <http://www.mi.barackobama.com>.

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