[JPL] Keep Standing

Bill Barton seekandlisten at gmail.com
Fri Aug 29 09:08:17 EDT 2008

Recently I received a review copy of the CD "Keep Standing" by Bill Cosby &
The Hilton Ruiz Ensemble. There's a sticker affixed to the front of the
jewel box that reads "This CD sold exclusively online at

Does anyone know the back story on this release? It is apparently Hilton
Ruiz's last recording session. There's a quite lovely, slow, rhapsodic
version of "Bright Moments" included on the program.

As of yet I have not played this on my radio show. Why? Because the
following credit in the liners gives me pause: "Bill Cosby - Arranger,
Conducter, Composer". Composer? Of "Bright Moments"? WTF? Rahsaan does not
receive credit anywhere and there is no ASCAP/BMI info included. And last I
checked Cosby didn't write "What's New" either...

Does anyone know whether Rah's estate is receiving royalties from this disc?
Or Hilton's estate?

I hesitate programming this admittedly very nice music on the air until I
find out whether it is an "authorized" release.

P.S.: At present I still don't have Internet access at home and generally am
online only once a week after my show at KBCS to post my playlists.

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