[JPL] Playlist: Sound of Surprise 8-31-08

Larry Appelbaum jumpmonk at hotmail.com
Sun Aug 31 19:00:29 EDT 2008

Sound of Surprise
Washington DC
Sundays 4-6 pm.

Gustav is coming:
1) Jimmy Rushing-River Stay Away From My Door (Songs That Made The Phones Light Up)
2) Dinah Washington-Back Water Blues (Dinah Washington Sings Bessie Smith)
3) Terence Blanchard-The Water (A Tale of God's Will)

R.I.P. Jimmy Cleveland [died Aug 23]
4) Jimmy Cleveland-You Don't Know What Love Is (Introducing Jimmy Cleveland)
5) Jimmy Cleveland w/Lucky Thompson-NR #2 (Tricotism)
6) Jimmy Cleveland w/Gil Evans-Las Vegas Tango (The Individualism of Gil Evans)
7) Jimmy Cleveland w/Gil Evans-If You Could See Me Now (Gil Evans & Ten)

Three New Releases:
8) Lafayette Gilcrest-Between Us (Soul Progressin')
9) Aaron Parks-Travelers (Invisible Cinema)
10) Kate McGary-Let's Face The Music (If Less Is More, Nothing Is Everything)

A Smattering of Russian Jazz
11) Ivan Farmakovsky-Russian Standart (Next To The Shadow)
12) Vladimir Danilin/Alexei Kuznetsov/Alex Rostotsky-Bernie's Tune (Once I Loved)
13) Herman Lukyanov-In Black & White (In Black & White)
14) Second Approach Trio-Jazz, please!! (The Light)
15) Marimba Plus-Celestial Elephant (Celestial Elephant?)
16) Serguei Letov/Youry Parfenov-Procession (Secret Doctrine)
17) Victor Feldman-Polyshko Polye (Soviet Jazz Themes)
18) Anna Buturlina-Зеркало (Black Coffee)
19) Aleg Kireyev-East (Mandala)
20) Anatoly Vapirov-Albena Legend (Forgotten Ritual)
Host: Larry Appelbaum
jumpmonk at hotmail.com

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