[JPL] response to Celia Hirschman re Starbuck;s and I tunes

Swingin Fox swinginfox at swinginfox.com
Sat Feb 2 09:55:17 EST 2008

Hi, Celie

I read your submission with interest and perhaps this does open the  
door for digital downloads...but I wonder if it also doesn't close the  
door on a lot of independent labels
who won't get into the Starbuck's Itunes library.

Starbuck's still has the right to promote whatever albums they want  
to...and to play them in their stores...giving the high rollers in the  
industry a definite edge anyway.

I still don't see how it will help the jazz market which is hurting  
more than any of the others.

We deal with a generation of people now who have been initiated since  
childhood into the world where everything and any intellectual  
property is out there for free.
It has been shown that ipods get used to download maybe one or two  
cuts of an artist or recording...seldom more.

I fail to see the significance here for the jazz market.

I welcome any new persepec tives on that.

Lenore Raphael
Swingin' Fox Music
swinginfox at swinginfox.com

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