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But it is not a re-issue: Trombone Heaven is a previoulsy unreleased
performance made in Canada in the 1970's with the "local" rhythm

You are correct Lazaro...

This recording is a genuine rarity. Recorded August 12, 1978 at the Bayside
Room of the Bayshore Inn, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Trombone
Heaven features two trombone masters, Frank Rosolino and Carl Fontana, at
the top of their game in a never-before-released live recording.
Frank Rosolino, was born in Detroit and comes from a musical family. He
spent the better part of his musical career on the West Coast where he
established himself in the bands of Stan Kenton, Howard Rumsey¹s All Stars
and Supersax as well as much film and television studio work.  Highly
regarded by his musical peers Rosolino was known as much for his boisterous
humor and pranks as for his swinging trombone playing. Rosolino had a
personal way of articulating notes early on.  ³Frank tongued every note,²
reveals trombonist Gil Falco. ³It¹s repetitive tonguing instead of slurring
or using the natural breaks on the horn.  That¹s very hard to do and I don¹t
think anyone ever did it like he could.  On up-tempo things, especially, you
just couldn¹t match him.  I don¹t know how he came up with that.  He must¹ve
developed it in Detroit because nobody else did it.²  Trombonist Bill
Watrous elaborates: ³It¹s real hard to do but if you can master it, it
almost makes the rest easy in comparison.²
Carl Fontana is from the small, northeast Louisiana town of Monroe.  After
receiving his graduate degree in music he played in Big Bands most notably
with Woody Herman, Lionel Herman and Stan Kenton.  Later he made his living
in Las Vegas show bands playing and recording jazz when he could. Tenor
saxophonist Bill Trujillo was on the Herman band and he remembers Fontana¹s
impact: ³Urbie Green played lead trombone.  He¹d done a lot of touring and
really paid his dues so Woody gave him most of the solos.  Here comes this
kid out of Louisiana, right out of college, and he¹s unbelievable!  So they
let Carl take a lot of solos and I think Urbie was pissed about that.  Urbie
still played ballads and things like ³Bijou,² but Carl got the real fast
stuff like ³Apple Honey.²  Carl was magnificent on those things.  Nobody
could play fast tempos like him.² Fontana devised a way of achieving speed,
that has come to be called Œdoodle-tongue.¹  (Make the sound
³doodle-doodle-doodle² and see how the back of your tongue undulates.
Trombone master Bill Watrous had this to say about Frank Rosolino and Carl
Fontana.  ³They were both at the absolute top of their instrument. They are
the High Priests of jazz tromboneŠand there¹s no one around today who¹s even
remotely on their level.²

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