[JPL] About street mispronounciations

Arturo arturo893 at qwest.net
Sat Feb 2 21:57:54 EST 2008

Mel wrote <<< BTW Arturo You have always said Alton Road in Miami  Beach is
Al-ton Like Big Al. I have always heard it since I was a kid From NY and
Visiting Miami as  All-ton road. "Like All or nothing at  all" PS when you
in Miami Beach again Try Big Al's Bagels on 5th  St >>>>>

You're correct, I was told by and heard my fellow Miami Beachites comment
that you could tell visitors and new residents to the Beach by the way they
pronounced Alton Road, I guess similar to how you could tell visitors from
New Yorkers when they mentioned Houston St. Here in Denver there are amny
streets that you let you know the familiarity of Denver by the speaker.


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