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JazzCorner at aol.com JazzCorner at aol.com
Mon Feb 4 20:49:30 EST 2008

Hey everyone

Our JazzCorner.com InnerViews receive more than 2.5 million 
downloads/accesses per episode.  We were named by SouthWest Airlines as the best MUSIC podcast 
on the Internet.  If any of you have some good interviews in your vault that 
you would like to see distributed to a whole new audience, please email me off 
the board.  They can't be phoners, but must be in studio. We will of course, 
give you and the station all props.  They should be no longer than an hour with 
music and about a 1/2 hour without music of which we will then mix in.


On another note - I don't know how many of you know. we just lauched the 
first videosharing site (ala YouTube) dedicated to Jazz and Blues videos only.  
JAZZVISION.  It is mad expensive (maybe that's why no one's done it before). But 
if you could help us promote it in anyway, well, thank you so so much.


Thank you again
Peace and light
Lois Gilbert

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