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Bradley M. Stone bstone at science.sjsu.edu
Wed Feb 6 19:12:43 EST 2008


Aloha Juan Carlos,

Just wanted to say la buena suerta en la Ph.D. programa - and don't count on it being an automatic 4 years, unless it is drastically different than when I was in graduate school!  I hope that you are able to do some radio in Australia.  Do keep in touch with us....


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Hi to all !

I´ve been following the JPL but not posting actively during the past few months. I have been busy preparing a turn in my career and I write to you all briefly to tell you about it. I have been admitted to a Ph.D in Communication at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia and I will be flying there in february. 

So I´m leaving my Jazz DJ position at UN Radio (98.5 FM) after more than 12 years. It´s sad to leave such a great job but I think that there was no choice. Maybe I´ll be able to rejoin the station when I come back to Colombia in 2012.

I want to thank you all for your advice, kindness and insight as well as all the musicians, labels and agencies that helped me to do my job better and understand the creativity and wonders of the Jazz scene. 

A great Jazz critic and writer named Juan Carlos Garay may be taking over the program. If he does I´ll advice him to join this list.

Nevertheless, I plan to continue reading the posts. It`s so much fun !

Thank you again and good luck to all


Juan Carlos Valencia
HJUN 98.5 FM UN Radio
Bogota. Colombia


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