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Does this mean it's pointless to play it?

....  jes' kiddin', jes' kiddin'

the light is off somewhere...


On Friday, February 8, 2008, at 01:20  PM, Bradley M. Stone wrote:

> Aloha Jae,
> Case in point - I have played your cd personally on my show 2 or 3 
> times
> already, and not once did it register on mediaguide's tracking.
> The light is on,
> Brad Stone
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> The recent thread about Mediaguide and lack of spin counts brought to
> mind what has happened to me. Some advice for musicians that may not
> understand how this works. If one of your main objectives is to get
> spins counted and chart placement....get your CD to Mediaguide way
> before your disc is serviced to radio. Example...and I'll mentioned 
> what
> has happened to me as the example...my new CD came out and about 60 or
> so stations were serviced. I know many of them are playing it as well 
> as
> NPR. They've play a few tracks at least three times I'm aware of for
> music beds for their news programs but no one saw those spins being
> reported. It never dawn on me that perhaps Mediaguide didn't have the 
> CD
> registered. Sure enough....I emailed them yesterday and someone was 
> kind
> enough to respond and mentioned they hadn't registered it but will next
> week. Almost a month they've been sitting on it. Three weeks to today
> actually. I was wondering how long it would have taken if I hadn't
> contacted them to find out what was going on.
>   My main objective with this release wasn't how high I could get on 
> the
> chart but you do want to see those spins IF someone...particularly NPR
> is playing your music. Musicians...get your CD to Mediaguide way in
> advance of the official release because you could lose important spin
> counts.
>   I will also mention that most of the stations here on the JPL 
> received
> the CD. If you didn't and would like a copy...email me off list and 
> I'll
> be glad to send you a copy. Thanks,
>   Jae Sinnett
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