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Jae Sinnett jaejazz at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 8 18:25:23 EST 2008

Well you would be correct Mitchell. It was unsual. Frank told me they were jammed in their submissions department and I'm sure they're inundated with product. "The Sinnett Hearings" debuted number one mainly because of the NPR Weekend Edition interview I did and the spins during that show. Multiply number of stations that carry that program and presto! It obviously was registered in time for that interview with Mediaguide. Interestingly enough I decided to check with them this time because a few said they didn't see it reported and I knew it was being played. Ironically I have another NPR interview coming up on the show "Tell Me More"  soon and I'm sure they will be playing the new one. NPR has played the new one a few times but because Mediaguide didn't register the CD those spins weren't counted. Any artists knows the value of that kind of airplay. No telling where the new one would be if those spins...and the spins currently on radio... would have place it on Jazzweek.
 This is why I was saying to the musicians to pay close attention to this if they're releasing a new CD. 
  Jae Sinnett 

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Sorry to hear about the delay in getting your CD activated at 
MediaGuide, Jae -- at first I thought it probably fell into the period 
Frank Johnson referred to when responding to Arturo's query about 
spins of certain CDs (including my current project) not getting 
registered...that it was sitting around and not processed is unusual I 
would think...for example Sinnett Hearings would never have debuted as 
#1 had it not been activated in a timely manner.

[JPL] Mediaguide/Musicians

Jim Wilke jwilke123 at comcast.net
Fri Feb 8 17:53:00 EST 2008
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Does this mean it's pointless to play it?

.... jes' kiddin', jes' kiddin'

the light is off somewhere...


On Friday, February 8, 2008, at 01:20 PM, Bradley M. Stone wrote:

> Aloha Jae,
> Case in point - I have played your cd personally on my show 2 or 3
> times
> already, and not once did it register on mediaguide's tracking.
> The light is on,
> Brad Stone
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> The recent thread about Mediaguide and lack of spin counts brought to
> mind what has happened to me. Some advice for musicians that may not
> understand how this works. If one of your main objectives is to get
> spins counted and chart placement....get your CD to Mediaguide way
> before your disc is serviced to radio. Example...and I'll mentioned
> what
> has happened to me as the example...my new CD came out and about 60 
> so stations were serviced. I know many of them are playing it as well
> as
> NPR. They've play a few tracks at least three times I'm aware of for
> music beds for their news programs but no one saw those spins being
> reported. It never dawn on me that perhaps Mediaguide didn't have the
> CD
> registered. Sure enough....I emailed them yesterday and someone was
> kind
> enough to respond and mentioned they hadn't registered it but will 
> week. Almost a month they've been sitting on it. Three weeks to today
> actually. I was wondering how long it would have taken if I hadn't
> contacted them to find out what was going on.
> My main objective with this release wasn't how high I could get on
> the
> chart but you do want to see those spins IF someone...particularly 
> is playing your music. Musicians...get your CD to Mediaguide way in
> advance of the official release because you could lose important spin
> counts.
> I will also mention that most of the stations here on the JPL
> received
> the CD. If you didn't and would like a copy...email me off list and
> I'll
> be glad to send you a copy. Thanks,
> Jae Sinnett
> ---------------------------------

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