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"Plunging CD sales, shift in buying habits leave old music biz fighting for

By Mark Brown, Rocky Mountain News (Contact) Saturday, February 9, 2008

Things looked grim for the music industry in 2002. Illegal downloading of
music was rampant, and total CD sales dropped nearly 9 percent.

Who knew then that those were the good old days?

In 2003, Apple launched iTunes. Fans now could buy a song at a time, rather
than a whole CD. Despite a flurry of lawsuits since then by the recording
industry against consumers, illegal downloading keeps growing.

When fans do buy, they don't buy as much. The top-selling album of 2007
(Josh Groban's Noel) would have ranked fifth in 2002. (Nos. 3 through 10 in
'07 wouldn't have even made the '02 list.) The result: large-scale layoffs
at record labels.

So you can understand if some of the smiles at Sunday's Grammy Awards
ceremony look forced. The statistics on this page capture a snapshot of an
industry struggling to reinvent itself.

Top-selling artists

Blockbusters aren't blockbusters anymore. Need proof? Take a look at the
top-selling artists of 2007 and see how their sales are dwarfed by the top
artists of 2002, the year before digital downloading took off.

2007: Josh Groban, Noel, 3.7 million

2002: Eminem, The Eminem Show, 7.6 million

2007: High School Musical 2 (soundtrack), 3 million

2002: Nelly, Nellyville, 4.9 million

2007: The Eagles, Long Road Out of Eden, 2.6 million

2002: Avril Lavigne, Let Go, 4.1 million

2007: Alicia Keys, As I Am, 2.5 million

2002: Dixie Chicks, Home, 3.7 million

2007: Daughtry, Daughtry, 2.5 million

2002: Eminem, 8 Mile Sound- track, 3.5 million

So long, CD?

The numbers suggest that sales rose in 2007, but only because Nielsen
Soundscan counts every song download the same as a full physical CD. When
you look at album sales, the picture clears: an increase of 8 million
digital albums in 2007 hardly offsets a drop of more than 65 million in hard
discs. Go back to 2002, the year before iTunes and digital downloading
exploded, and the decrease is more dramatic.


2007: 279.3 million units

2006: 345.3 million

DOWN 19 percent

2002: 649.5 million

DOWN 57 percent


2007: 27.1 million

2006: 18.6 million

UP 46 percent

What's hot? Not much

Every category of music showed a decline in album sales in 2007 when
compared with 2006. But genres most associated with a flavor-of-the-month,
rap and alternative, took the biggest plunges.


2007: 149.4 million

2006: 170.7 million

DOWN 12.5 percent

Best-seller: The Eagles, Long Road Out of Eden, 2.6 million


2007: 88.6 million

2006: 109.6 million

DOWN 19.2 percent

Best-seller: Daughtry, Daughtry, 2.5 million


2007: 62.7 million

2006: 74.9 million

DOWN 16.3 percent

Best-seller: The Eagles, followed by Taylor Swift, Taylor Swift, 1.9 million


2007: 95.6 million

2006: 117 million

DOWN 18.3 percent

Best-seller: Alicia Keys, As I Am, 2.5 million


2007: 41.7 million

2006: 59.5 million

DOWN 30 percent

Best-seller: Kanye West, Graduation, 1.9 million"

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