[JPL] Another weird request from your friendly DJ in Savannah

Michelle Mobley michelle_mobley at sbcglobal.net
Sat Feb 9 21:21:25 EST 2008

Saxophonist Tom Scott swings both ways.  I believe he teaches at California
State University Northridge.
> Greetings from Savannah!
> I am in the process of putting together the 2008 Savannah Jazz Festival 
> (Sept 21 - 28).  Friday night is "Smooth / Fusion"  night.  I am not too 
> familiar with this genre except to know some of the major names that 
> everybody knows.  Agents aside, can anyone tell me a "kick a** headliner 
> that will possibly also appeal to the straight-ahead fans.  Last year we had 
> the Yellowjackets with Eric Marienthal.  Names (and contact information-if 
> known)  would be appreciated.  www.savannahjazzfestival.org
> Thank you in advance for your suggestions!
> Larry
> Larry Dane-Kellogg
> WHCJ  90.3 FM
> 19 E. 64th Street
> Savannah, GA  31405

  Michelle Mobley 
  660 West 11th St.
  San Pedro, CA  90731
  michelle_mobley at sbcglobal.net

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