[JPL] Another weird request from your friendly DJ in Savannah

Michelle Mobley michelle_mobley at sbcglobal.net
Sat Feb 9 21:29:46 EST 2008

No, really...he does.  I've heard him play straight-ahead at the Jazz Bakery in
Culver City and at an outdoor concert in Hollywood last summer.

Find him and samples of his smooth stuff (if you can take it) here:

> Greetings from Savannah!
> I am in the process of putting together the 2008 Savannah Jazz Festival 
> (Sept 21 - 28).  Friday night is "Smooth / Fusion"  night.  I am not too 
> familiar with this genre except to know some of the major names that 
> everybody knows.  Agents aside, can anyone tell me a "kick a** headliner 
> that will possibly also appeal to the straight-ahead fans.  Last year we had 
> the Yellowjackets with Eric Marienthal.  Names (and contact information-if 
> known)  would be appreciated.  www.savannahjazzfestival.org
> Thank you in advance for your suggestions!
> Larry
> Larry Dane-Kellogg
> WHCJ  90.3 FM
> 19 E. 64th Street
> Savannah, GA  31405
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