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Reading responses to the question, there seems to be some confusion 
about the term "Traditional Jazz".    To a be-bopper, the term means 
early New Orleans or Chicago-style in the 20s - the kind of music 
played at The Sacramento Dixieland Festival, or Hot Jazz Societies.   
In the past twenty years "Traditional Jazz"  seems to have morphed into 
covering most any jazz that doesn't involve electric instruments.

I'm not sure what style was intended here but it seems there are very 
few young players of traditional "Traditional Jazz" but quite a few of 
the post swing/pre-fusion style of the 50s-60s  like Benny Green, Roy 
Hargrove, the Clayton Brothers, Cyrus Chestnut, etc. but  some of them 
like Hargrove also have an edgier modern style group, too.

Another term I've never understood is "post-modern" - what's that 
supposed to mean, futuristic?

Jim Wilke
Jazz After Hours, PRI

On Sunday, February 10, 2008, at 01:17  PM, TomtheJazzman wrote:

> Who would you suggest as young players of Traditional Jazz for someone 
> looking for such for a weekend festival.  Thanks for your thoughts.  
> ALOHA  Tom
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