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All - I, also, took Tom's request to mean "Trad Jazz", and yes, beside some
school groups who have embraced the art form, there are very few younger
players.  I remember when clarinet player Evan Christopher was a young prodigy
performing at the Summit Jazz Festival.  Relatively speaking, Howard Alden is a

That aside, I would like to see a discussion on the actual definitions of the
different sub-genres of jazz music.  I find myself using "straight-ahead" to
cover anything that is not "trad" or "smooth".  It is time I broaden my

Michelle from Peeedro  

> Tom,
> Reading responses to the question, there seems to be some confusion 
> about the term "Traditional Jazz".    To a be-bopper, the term means 
> early New Orleans or Chicago-style in the 20s - the kind of music 
> played at The Sacramento Dixieland Festival, or Hot Jazz Societies.   
> In the past twenty years "Traditional Jazz"  seems to have morphed into 
> covering most any jazz that doesn't involve electric instruments.
> I'm not sure what style was intended here but it seems there are very 
> few young players of traditional "Traditional Jazz" but quite a few of 
> the post swing/pre-fusion style of the 50s-60s  like Benny Green, Roy 
> Hargrove, the Clayton Brothers, Cyrus Chestnut, etc. but  some of them 
> like Hargrove also have an edgier modern style group, too.
> Another term I've never understood is "post-modern" - what's that 
> supposed to mean, futuristic?
> Jim Wilke
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> www.jazzafterhours.org
> On Sunday, February 10, 2008, at 01:17  PM, TomtheJazzman wrote:
> >
> > Who would you suggest as young players of Traditional Jazz for someone 
> > looking for such for a weekend festival.  Thanks for your thoughts.  
> > ALOHA  Tom
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