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<<..³At the
Grammys² by longtime Grammys telecast producer Ken  Ehrlich: ³The Grammys
invited jazz, rock, country, soul and classical into  the same hall. No
regard for demographic studies of what would deliver  ratings, no radio
call-out research &shy; a mad amalgam of the profound and  the absurd and the
creeping realization that one man's Mozart is another  man's Vegas.²..>>

What this gushing testimonial does not say is that Jazz and classical  music 
have been relegated to second-class citizens in the programming of the  Awards 
show itself. Herbie Hancock aside (after all, he was a finalist), you  could 
hardly call the awards show a survey of the American music scene.
"No regard for demographic studies of what would deliver ratings"?   
Puulllleeeeze, give us some credit.

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