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EdBride at aol.com wrote:

> <<..15 year old Grace Kelly..>>
> Sorry...I should have included this in the previous message. Go to her  site, 
> gracekellymusic.com, and click to her videos. My favorite is the one in  
> which she is jamming with Phil Woods, who takes off his leather cap and places  it 
> on her head. That's a moment of history, because she wears it on every  gig.
> Disclosure: it's my favorite because it occurred here at the Pittsfield  
> CityJazz Festival, of which I am chairman.
> Ed

I have interviewed Grace several times. My first interview with her was 
a couple years ago. Not only do I enjoy her playing but I am amazed at 
her level of maturity and her poise and confidence. She is a pleasure to 
interview. She will be on my show again for an interview on March 4th at 
9 pm. Listen online at www.wgbh.org/jazz.

The first time I interviewed her I asked her about the band program at 
Brookline High School. I was sure shocked when she told me that she 
didn't go to Brookline High. She was in elementary School!

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