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Mon Feb 11 13:12:39 EST 2008

<<I  think that's why Herbie winning was such a surprise. Amy Winehouse, 
Kanye and  the Foo Fighters were winning everything they were nominated for so for 
any one  of them to not win was major. A rare moment of artistic vision and 
good taste  wins out at the Grammy's. I actually was interested to see the 
coverage this  morning. WHile most years Album Of Year leads the post Grammy 
coverage, this  morning on all the major networks it was almost a post-script to 
their coverage.  NPR did have the good taste to make a big deal out of it in 
comparison but you  could tell the rest were almost embarrassed by Herbie's  win>>
unfortunately, there are some writers out there who really have  nothing to 
say beyond reporting on something sensationalistic, and even more  unfortunate 
that those kinds of stories sell so well. amy and kanye are both  very 
talented, but look at what gets covered about them in the  news--relatives landing in 
jail and grand standing at awards shows. now, if  herbie had sucker-punched Q 
or flipped off the audience, i'm sure he'd be on  page 1, but he's obviously 
not that kind of person. even so, i felt really proud  last night that a 
contemporary jazz artist won and i hope it gives jazz a boost  in general. 

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