[JPL] Shameless Promotion

laffinred at aol.com laffinred at aol.com
Wed Feb 13 12:44:30 EST 2008

This just in from my nephew...his band, Babik and the Great Gambini, 
tonight.............hope you can tune in...the band's hot !!!

Babik will be performing new & original Gypsy Jazz music from our 
soon-to-be released follow up CD.  We'll be part of a live-to-air radio 
Broadcast this Wednesday 2/13/08 from 8-9 pm EST.

Hope you can tune in...go to www.wbfo.org and click "Listen Live" a few 
minutes before 8pm to hear the whole show in streaming audio.  If you 
can't listen at that time, I believe the show will be available for 
podcast within a few days.  Just look up the show "Live In Allen Hall" 
and you should see BABIK listed.


We will be interviewed in front of a live studio audience by the great 
Jazz host Bert Gambini.

See you in Rochester,

Laughing Red
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