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Posted: Thurs., Feb. 14, 2008, 8:47am PT
Europe to extend music copyright
EC proposes extension to 95 years
BRUSSELS ‹ Plans to extend European performers¹ copyright protection from 50
to 95 years will be put forward by the European Commission before the
The aim is to ensure that airplay royalties continue at least for the
lifetime of the performer, whether they are stars or unknown session

Charlie McCreevy, the commissioner responsible, said Thursday that record
companies will be required to set up a fund reserving at least 20% of the
income during the extended copyright term to session musicians.

For featured artists, original advances would no longer be set off against
royalties in the extended term. The artist would get the lot.

The proposals will also contain a ³use it or lose it² provision: if a record
company is unwilling to re-release a performance during the extended term,
the performer can move to another label.

The commission judges that its plan will not have a negative impact on
consumer prices, and that most of the additional revenue collected would
stay in Europe.

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